Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Angry Letter

"C" sent me the following testimony to Certegy's fraudulent business practices:

"I have been doing a lot of reading about certegy since Wednesday evening when 2 of my checks were denied at Target and Best Buy. I have been writing checks for over 20 years,have never bounced one, have a credit score in the 800s,and have more than enough money in the bank to cover these checks. None of that matters when dealing with Certegy. I went in and talked to my personal banker on Friday. I wanted to know if I had unlimited check writing. She looked up my account and assured me that I did. I told her about certegy and how they wanted me to fill out an application for gold status so I could write more checks and she was shocked. She has never heard of them. I gave her a copy of my denial ticket to show her boss. I am so angry. I have been firing off emails to Target,the BBB,FTC,etc...What I don't understand is one of their excuses for not taking a check is that it may be stolen so why is it I can hand use my credit card immediately after my check is denied and that is ok? Why can't the sales person just ask for another form of ID with my check? Why can't they use electronic checking or something? Why does applying for their Gold account make me able to write more checks? It can't be a stolen check if its Gold Status? I REALLY like how they can charge a fee in the gold status if your check is denied when THEY are the ones doing the denying. What the hell is going on here? Please tell me that there is something we can do about this!"

You're right about them charging a fee if your check is denied, when they're the ones who deny it to begin with. It's about an obvious a scam as you can get.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just received a letter from this company stating that I owed them money for a check I never wrote. This is crazy and this company and its employees should be put in jail!

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Anonymous said...

Hot off the presses. Certegy compromised by database administrator. 2.3 million CC numbers and bank account numbers stolen!

jan said...

Be aware, certegy has informed me that my personal iformation was stolen and sold by their employee. The employee is "terminated", note they did not say prosecuted. Now I have to go through this hassle with the credit reporting agencies and change my checking account. I think I will go back to cash.

Anonymous said...

I received a letter from Renz Nichols, President, Certegy Check Services (PO Box 30046, Tampa, FL 33630) informing me "that an employee wrongfully removed and sold consumer information to a data broker who in turn sold a subset of that data to a limited number of direct marketing organizations. The information included certain checking account and credit/debit card data, including name, address, telephone number, account number, expiration date (for credit/debit cards) and, in some checking account cases, transactional data and date of birth."

The letter continues to inform me that the employee was terminated, law enforcement officials have been contacted, and how sorry they are about this whole matter.

In the meantime, I have to close out my account, open a new one, order and pay for new checks ($39.39), plus contact all the EFT accounts (creditors & utilities who automatically remove monthly payments from my checking account) to alert them to update my banking information.

Did I mention that the President of Certegy is sorry about this? Yeah, well so am I.

Wicked Pssed Off!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and even better. While Certegy denied your checks, they kept your personal information and financial data in a database that was just stolen and sold to a number of data brokers. Check Google News for Certegy and read about the theft of 3.1 MILLION customer records. If you've ever used an ATM, written a check, or used a debit card, then watch out!

Anonymous said...

You are giving companies authority to go into your checking account and take money out at any time. And you are giving strangers your bank information every time you write a check. Why worry about the Certegy data breach when you are handing out this information yourself???

Anonymous said...

Why did you pay $39.39 for more checks? Even check forgers pay less than that. You can get a deal printing them at Costco, Sam's, or those ads that come in the Sunday paper. You should use online bill pay that's free. You really don't need that many checks any more.

Anonymous said...


My check was turned down by [CERTEGY] at Harrahs Casino in Maryland Heights Missouri.

The same Harrahs Casino had cashed many checks in the months before that night, all had cleared. I have used the same checking account and same Id in three Different States.
ZERO (0) Returned Checks.
(I have never had a returned check)
Because of that ERROR,

A black male in plain clothes,(Maurice Benzie) choked me to the point I could not breath and even then, I never rasied a hand, or kick'd him nor any one else.
I was choked by him, My face busted against the brick floor, busting my head ,injuring my right shoulder , blacking my right eye from the outer corner to my nose,blood all over my face,
Their were two others that were holding my wrist behind me while Maurice Benzie grabbed my right leg jerking it upwards into the air behind me.One second my head was 5'8" off the Brick Floor, the next second it was slamming against the brick floor.
No one was touched by me in any way, although Maurice Benzie LIED and said at one point my cap touched him.I was railroaded by the St Louis County Court System and found Guilty of Assault on an Officer, and Resisting Arrest by a black female judge, Brenda Stith Loftin.
In the Railroad Trial, Harrahs Casino ,The State Of Missouri and Prosecutor, used a chopped up VIDEO, using only angles that wouldn't prove my innocence...
I then contacted many St Louis Attorneys, the Justice Department, The ACLU, and the FBI.
No one would help.They claimed because I had been found guilty I could not take action against all of these involved that Assaulted Me, ,falsely Accused and Railroaded me thru the St. Louis County Court System.
Then I get this letter from the company that actually started all of that into motion, telling me that I now have to go thru more Emotional Distress from their Negligent Actions.