Monday, June 25, 2007

Certegy's Website - Laugh-Out-Loud "Link Policy"

You may create a hypertext link to the Certegy Inc. homepage ( provided such link does not portray us (or our affiliates or any of our products and services) in a negative, false, misleading, or derogatory manner... Finally, your right to link to our homepage may be revoked at any time by us, for any reason.

Um. No. What a person does on their own website is their own business. Certegy, you may have our financial information by the short hairs, but you're not in charge of the Interwebs. You don't have any say whatsoever in my "right" to link to your page. No permission is needed for a person to link to a publicly accessible web page.

The only possibility of a lawsuit here would be one of libel, and that would fall flat as well. I have not, to my knowledge, posted anything false or misleading. Everything on this site is derived from personal experience, experiences sent to me by others, and information obtained from reliable news sources. If an error or falsehood is found, I encourage people to contact me or comment about it.

Regarding "negative" or "derogatory" remarks, I will say only that this, of course, is a blog. It's common knowledge that blogs are repositories of personal opinions, in this case, mine. If my personal opinion of Certegy is extremely low, I have every right to say so. Welcome to the First Amendment.

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