Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reader Story: Checks Declined at Sears & Lowe's

Robin writes:

"We have had 2 checks declined in the last 5 days. One at Sears and the other today at Lowe's. Both times we were given CODE 2 as the reason. We have banked at the same Credit Union for over 22 years. NEVER have we had this happen before. I spoke with a woman who told me we have NO 'marks against us', but could not tell me WHY then the check ($54.64) could not be accepted at Lowe's. EMBARRASSING? YOU got it!

The only thing different in our spending/banking recently has been that our checks now have 5 digits. (10256) Could this be a problem with Certegy? I know that along the bottom of the checks were the numbers are...the check number comes up without the 1 on the front. Could that be a problem for Certegy???

OHHHHHHH going to CASH again!!!!! LOL"

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BrianB said...

I just got a letter from certegy informing me that OOPs they let all my personal information get stolen.They had gathered lots of stuff on me like bank account info and credit card numbers. SSN, date of birth, my dogs name. Now lots of thieves know it too. Whats really cool is that Certegy assures me that they don't "think" the thieves intend to do any thing bad with the information. Wow what a swell bunch of guys those thieves must be.