Friday, April 20, 2007

Corporate Scum

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for the American dream and getting paid well for an honest day's work. But the CEO of the company that now owns Certegy raked in a whopping $12.8 million in salary and bonuses last year. That's $102 per MINUTE, assuming he never left work early, took a sick day or had a vacation.

Meanwhile, thanks to this guy's "hard work," millions of normal Americans can't even buy groceries at Wal-Mart, even with a check that's covered by ample funds. Funds which probably took at least a week to earn.

And look who our system protects.

If you earned as much as FIS CEO Lee Kennedy, you'd have enough money for a month's worth of groceries after only five minutes of work. After one hour, you could buy a state-of-the-art computer system. After four hours, you could buy a very good vehicle. In one day, a luxury motor home. In one week, a four-bedroom house. In three weeks to a month, you could purchase a small island off the coast of Maine. And I'm not including interest earnings or investments in my figures.

They gave him over $25,000 in "country club dues" alone.

Meanwhile, some 25% of adults over the age of 26 still live with their parents because their salaries aren't enough to cover the cost of an apartment. I once knew a public school teacher who was on welfare.

I'd really like to know exactly what kind of service someone can provide that's worth $102 a minute. Even if I had unlimited funds, I'd never pay anyone that kind of money for any service, simply on principle. I'd rather pay a reasonable rate and give the rest of the money to charity.

And look who our system protects.

These people are obscenely wealthy, and they're getting their riches by screwing over the rest of us. I've got no qualms with someone like Bill Gates, who created a product for which there is a huge demand, or Oprah, who provides services for people with her various media outlets. A person can choose whether to buy Windows or O Magazine. But I've got a BIG problem with people who make their fortunes by making the lives of others more difficult.


Anonymous said...

Certegy doesn't even service Walmart's PERSONAL checks, that's telecheck, bitch to them.

FightCertegy said...

Anon: That's very interesting, and also incorrect. A number of people have had checks refused at Wal-Mart and given Certegy slips after the failed transaction.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates makes my life more difficult with all thie activation crap with Windows!

I'm going with a MAC.

David said...

And we don't even have real recourse when they screw us. I had a $20 dollar check refused. Had to leave the food there. Is that corporate dick going to put that food on my table? NOPE. He could give a shit less. (Let's find his e-mail, personal cell, or anything else we can get a hold of, and give his sorry ass a piece of our minds!)