Sunday, May 6, 2007

Saying NO to Certegy's "Gold Membership"

Pat writes:

"I just got caught in the Certegy trap. This is what I am doing/did.

Contacted the company and was told that they had no information on me BUT if I would fill out thier Gold form I would not have that problem in the future.

Read the form and decided that I certainly wasn't going to hand over my personal information, including SSN to an unknown company.

I'm a member of a senior, world wide organization. I contacted them and gave them the general info with the hopes that they will publicize it on their website. (Now that I found this site, I will pass that informtion on to them).

Sent a complaint into the FTC.

I will be contacting my Congressional Representative; sending emails to everyone I have in my large email address book; contacting local tv stations to see if they might be interested in this problem; contact a lawyer friend to see what else is suggested; more as I think of it.

This needs to be stopped ASAP."

Way to go, Pat! Everyone who gets burned by Certegy should take these actions!

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