Monday, April 30, 2007

Another Certegy Nightmare

Another reader writes to tell me about his experience with Certegy:

"I have never heard of this company and neither has our bank that we have the account with.\We never had this problem before. U cant even get a live person on line and if u press 2 it just hangs up on you! Theyre not even open weeknd after 1pm central time so u are left just hanging all weekend wondering whose got your identity and who the heck thinks u are bad credit risk -do they have u confused with someone else of same name or what and have they accessed your bank acct. or what.....its very very upsetting and this happened to me on satur at local grocery store Albertsons and I was so so embarrassed I had more than enough money ck was only 69 dollars and i have well over 1000. in there so how the heck could this happen we dont owe anyone and I will never go to that Albertson grocery again why u dont even know if they entered correct info and they dont want to explain a dam thing all weekend u worrry and grandkids were with me they opened chips b4 i paid and course ck was not accepted they wanted cash for opened chips and i didnt have cash on me-total humiliation and embarrassment....We dont owe anyone anything We have good credit ....manager at albertsons grocery response is nonchalant and what happened to customer service they just lost a customer and i will tell everyone about this and still i cant get a live person on the phone from cetergy-my wife and i are just livid-it screwed up entire weekend for us ....i still dont know what happened and why we were blackballed."

Later, he added:

"Well I wrote this a.m. saying we too had been victims of certegy and never could figure out why our check was singled out and blackballed at albertsons grocery and finally got a live person at certegy and they said it fit certain perameters or some such gobbly gook and talked in circles and after it was all said and done they wouldnt tell me the perameter that was causing our check to be blackballed in the first place when theyr'e was plenty of money available in our account. check was only $64.25 can u believe that! Really ridiculous they told me go back in store and theyll now accept check- i said no that was saturday and u were closed and i will never go in albertsons again!! How can they get away with crap like this and what are the certain perameters that kept them from accepting my check and if they dont accept it why cant u reach someone day of check transaction so that it can be resolved they had us scared to write a check rest of weekend at ANY STORE and afraid of IDENTITY FRAUD too and humiliated and they should have to pay for their mistakes I SAY LIST ALL STORES THAT USE THEIR SERVICE and BOYCOTT THOSE STORES AN CONTACT EACH BY MAIL ADVISING WHY U ARE BOYCOTTING THEM!

I see other person had it happen at sears and other person had it happen at bed and bath whom else do these idiots use?"

(To answer that last question: look to the right of this page and click "Companies Using Certegy.")


Anonymous said...

We don't close at any time genius. We are a 24 7 company. Get your facts before you bitch.

FightCertegy said...

Anon: I don't know why you're complaining to me. I merely posted an email someone else sent me.

It doesn't make a damn bit of difference that "you" are a "24 7 company." Your customer "service" is notoriously poor.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Fightcertegy", I must say your blog has been the most comforting source of information I've had since dealing with the nightmare of Certegy. They are harassing & persistent with their nonstop calls and mailings. After responding (now I think I shouldn't have though) on several occassions to their inquiries, including providing them copies of the cancelled check they're trying to collect on, they still continue to call and mail. I truly believe they are not trying to resolve issues based on facts, but merely pushing to get the last dime out of people with harassing tactics. Thanks so much for your blog site. It's good to get the constructive suggestions (complaint processing). Keep up the good work.